Sunday, April 1, 2012

Playing Catch-Up!

Sorry for the lack of updates!  A LOT has happened this year so far.  At the end of February, my boyfriend and I suddenly found ourselves unemployed.  So I have been visiting family, trying to sort out my life, and baking all along the way!

I have just a few belated Valentine's Day pictures that I neglected to post.  It's never too late for roses and hearts, right?

February was also the annual 'That Takes the Cake!' competition here in Austin.  I entered my re-created Alice in Wonderland cake balls for judging.  The boyfriend was so very proud of me for winning 1st place in my division, despite me emphasizing the fact that there was only one other entry in my division, hehe.  The whole experience was eye-opening!  I saw hundreds of beautifully-crafted, edible works of art up close and personal.  It made me want to push myself to broaden my skills and - yes - to actually make a cake next time!  At least I have a year to practice! :P

Professionally photographed! <3

So, somewhere between the excitement of the cake competition and the shock of getting laid off, I've decided to put my resume and portfolio out there to see if I can get a position with a local bakery.  I would love the opportunity to work with my hands and bring joy to people through edible art.  It's quite a large technical switch from what I wanted to do in the video game industry, but I know that my background in design, sculpting and color theory will translate well into pastry art.  I'm keeping my fingers and my apron strings crossed!

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