Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh, Ohhh it's Magic!

If you're in Austin and haven't visited Tenth Planet Games & Comics then drop whatever you're doing, get in your car and go claw at the glass till they let you in.  It'll be worth it!

  See?  Isn't that a nifty logo?  Lil' d20 flyin' off of there like a comet 'n everything!  

Trevor told me that Tenth Planet would be hosting a Pre-Release party for the upcoming Magic the Gathering card game expansion.

The new expansion is called 'Dark Ascension', and it is full of zombies and vampires and humans being bred for the purpose of feeding said vampires.  Awesome.

So, I got to work and did what I do best: I made cookies.  200 cookies, to be precise!

The spells on Magic cards use lands - or mana - as a resource.  So I put each land on a cookie.  Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain and Forest.


And then, I put them in a box and took them to the store.

And then, Trevor put them in a fancier box!  And that is the story of the Magic: The Gathering cookies!

Now, seriously, get thee to Tenth Planet.  :D

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chris said...

we've dropped by a couple times and the owners are super sweet. they took the time to introduce themselves and it seems like a great place to enjoy the geek side of life! the cookies look awesome! especially the packaging, excellent work!