Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Superman Cupcakes

Just a short update tonight, as I am tired from a VERY satisfying day of slaying evil teapots and butterfly-jumping around the steampunk wastelands of Alice: Madness Returns...

About a week ago, I made these for a friend who is a huge fan of Superman. He even has a badass tattoo of Clark Kent changing into Superman on his arm! These were vanilla cupcakes with vanilla-champagne buttercream frosting. The symbol was made out of gumpaste.

The design for these was inspired by the lovely Geek Sweets.



Jenny Burgesse said...

Hey, that's me! I'm Geek Sweets! :D

The cup pie looks great! :)

Jenny Burgesse said...

That should say 'cuppie.' Thanks OS X Lion auto correct. ;P

Nikki said...

Yesss, that is you! :D Your work is such a big inspiration to me, Jenny! Thank you so much for swinging my my lil' blog! <3