Sunday, May 29, 2011

ALICE cake - Sneak Peek

Is anyone else out there freaking out about Alice: Madness Returns? Because I am, and have been since the sequel was announced. I was a rabid fan of the first one, going so far as to dress up as Alice one Halloween.

Oh, high school. So. Much. Angst.

Like many other AMR fans out there, I get daily ALICE Twitter and Facebook feeds, have purchased the art book and am now fighting with myself over which platform to actually buy it for. I'm leaning towards the PC version because the dress pack comes with it. And, must look one's best when slaughtering undead card guards and punting creepy reanimated doll babies across the room...mustn't one?

It goes without saying that the first thing I think of when planning to play a game that'll vault me headfirst into a dark, twisted, bloody Wonderland is: 'How can I make this a cake?'

This is how:

More to come of this in the following weeks ;)

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