Tuesday, September 20, 2011

10th Anniversary Cake Balls

And now, for something COMPLETELY custom-tailored!

A work colleague and good friend of mine asked me to create cake balls for his 10th wedding anniversary. He provided me with a list detailing something special that had happened during each year he'd been married to his wife, Amy. It was brilliant and very thoughtful!

Here's the breakdown for each ball:

2001 - Dolphin - My friend and his wife went to Hawaii for their honeymoon!
2002 - Primrose - Their first house was on Primrose Lane.
2003 - Two pink slips from Hewlett-Packard. As he explained it to me it was, "definitely something we both survived better by doing it together!" - which, I think, is very touching.
2004 - Texas - They moved to Austin, TX together.
2005 - Baby Rattle - Their first daughter, Maia, was born <3
2006 - Flag of Spain - Family vacation to Spain!
2007 - Bloody Rollerskate - My friend's wife was in Roller-Derby, and her name was Slay-At-Home Mom. I got SUCH a kick out of that! :D
2008 - Family trip to Arizona!
2009 - Second daughter, Fiona, was born <3
2010 - Building A-B-C blocks for Maia, since she started Kindergarten!
2011 - Two bushes and a bench to celebrate the completion of their home's landscaping!

The flavors were Mexican Vanilla cake in white chocolate and chocolate cake in dark chocolate.

I really enjoyed creating these for my friend, his wife and his two sweet girls. I hope they enjoy their treats!


Dreamingof03 - Heather said...

They look amazing and he was so happy to get them. ^^ I bet she is going to love them!

Nikki said...

Thanks, Heather! :D Hehe, I definitely hope so!